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About Us

Who Are We?

Dedicated Options Analytics Platform made for Traders by Traders, with the widest range of FREE option Trading Tools in the industry.

Our Mission

Our goal is to equip Retail Traders with intelligent Algorithms via. Tools at much affordable cost & without putting much of knowledge they can be placed well in the battle of Future & Options.

Our Ideators!

Shubham Agarwal

CEO, Quantsapp


A Chartered Market Technician (MTA, USA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Institute, USA), ...


Tina Gadodia

President, Quantsapp

MMS - Finance

A MMS in Finance, Tina has 15 years of professional experience in the Futures & Option Research...


Rohit Ranka

India Business Head, Quantsapp


Rohit is a Business Management professional with extremely process-driven, goal-oriented and result-focused approach.


Our Workspace

Vision From CEO

I have a firm belief that Start-ups are not meant to start a diversified business, it starts with a unique idea where opportunity is visible and it walks faster than the world due to a sharp focus. We at Quantsapp are backed by Industry Veterans who work without limits because we Love what we do and that’s what makes our team special.

The idea behind Quantsapp was to look within our own interests and expertise and after being in this for above a decade it’s surely Options Trading & Algorithms. This combination is ultimate and will change how people trade today. As researchers we foresee a world tomorrow and we are confident that we would make that a reality ourselves.

After serving to Retails / HNI Traders since ever, we surely have a bias towards them. Derivatives is a Zero Sum Game, Institutions have an upper hand of advanced research / investing in sophisticated algorithms but retail clients cannot afford to spend millions of rupees in purchasing them and fall prey to the Zero Sum Game. Second comes the fact that retail traders lack knowledge of advance concepts as it may not be their full time job or even if it is they are majorly working as an individual and not as a complete research team. This where we step-in. We are a team of researchers with this being our passion and we have dealt with the art of keeping the complexity to us and offer it as a piece of cake for retail traders.

We are confident of making our platform a unique one globally in the Options Trading domain. We are currently live with our application in India and soon will be available in US, Europe & Canada. The team is continuously researching on new opportunities and we have a large list of development to be made in the coming years.

Options is the most traded and least understood instrument globally and our mentors are enthusiast to pass on the knowledge you need to trade options wisely. With this in our goal, we keep organizing Online Webinars, Workshops & Courses focused to not just theories but also to practical implementation.

I welcome you to join us in the journey bringing equality in the game of Options Trading.

Shubham Agarwal

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